Inspections / Maintenance

Our Fire Inspections Department is capable of servicing all your fire protection needs. Some of our services include:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems Confidence Testing of Wet, Dry, and Pre-Action Systems
  • Fire Pump Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
  • Standpipe Inspection and Testing
  • Annual Fire Hydrant Testing and Maintenance
  • Annual Fire Extinguisher Certification and Maintenance
  • Annual Backflow Prevention, Device Testing, and Repairs

Property Analysis

Let our engineers review your existing fire protection system to evaluate its ability to handle the storage needs of potential tenants.
Our review will include the hydraulic calculations and NFPA code review to determine a systems adequacy for the intended storage arrangement. We work with your rack supplier to make sure the racking you are buying is within the capability of the existing fire system; along with recommendations that can be made on the most cost effective upgrades to maximize your systems.


Winterization of your Dry system is critical, since any water accumulation in the piping can freeze and rupture pipes and fittings causing damage to your system, and potentially to your building. When cold weather is approaching please contact our service and inspections department. We will come to your site and drain  all low point drains to reduce the chances of accumulation of water in the lowest parts of the system.